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DJ Chepo (king of da beatz)

Eugenio De Jesus AKA DJ Chepo “Tirame La Pista”

Was Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico in 1975 and Raise between Barrio Amelia Catano, Las Gladiolas Hato Rey, and Covandonga Trujillo Alto.

Dj Chepo before started his career as a DJ his stared doing Pro audio and concert lighting with Arturo sound inc who teach him and mentor him during his early age as a young teenager to know first how to do sound before been a DJ. After working only 1 year with Arturo he meet with a another young teenager (Alex who as a Child started a Dj Company call A&E) in a club they called Fuego Fuego in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, and rainbow with Dj Ruben Ochart and Also DJ Adams and DJ Nene (Wild Sound DJ’s) who also mentor DJ Chepo and Alex to become a DJ in the 1990’s But in 1992 DJ Chepo when on his own and continue to be a DJ and help upcoming Underground artist doing demos who eventually some become famous with other DJ’s with my demos help some of them was Latin Crew, Point Breakers, Las Guanabas Podrias, Black Page, Fat lyrics, and Boricuas in effect Killa 87 between others.

In the summer of 1995 DJ Chepo needed to work on his solo DJ Career Since every other DJ become famous doing reggeton mix tapes. Amazingly DJ Chepo was already in the same level like every other DJ’s but without doing a solo Reggeton Album. On live performances every artist when they knew DJ Chepo was around they didn’t want any other DJ to throw the beats on the party but they always wanted DJ Chepo and that how he earn the term “DJ CHEPO TIRAME LA PISTA” (meaning DJ Chepo throw me that beat) Mr Cabaucci in the spring of 1997 he when to a concert to see who is DJ Chepo and why is so much buzz about him? Mr Cabalucci when to the DJ Booth and for his surprise he see DJ Chepo (Eugenio De Jesus) and he was surprise to see he Childhood friend who as young child who was raised together in the same Hood in the erly 1980’s and he could not believe that his best Childhood friend was extremely good on the art of DJ Turntablism and he was impress.

From 1997 to 1999 DJ Chepo makes the decision to be the only exclusive DJ from Mr Cabalucci as well getting his Education since DJ Chepo didn’t even a GED. But in the summer of 1999 tragedy strike DJ Chepo family with dead of his Grandfather a retire Korean Combat Veteran and publicly with Mr Cavalucci announce the press in Puerto Rico that DJ Chepo had Enlisted in U.S Army. While serving this country DJ Chepo endure many deployments to Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan during his military carrier that lasted 14 years earning many commendations, awards as well as military and civilian education, but due to the severity of his medicals condition DJ Chepo try to took his life in the year of 2012 because of the war Trauma summer due to many lost friends and war deployments DJ Chepo was losing faith.

But a miracle happen the U.S. Armed Forces in 2013 decided to Retire Honorably discharge DJ Chepo from the service and DJ Chepo started to be a DJ again already and quickly again hitting the mainstream media and was invited by act of God, faith and his Childhood Friend Cabalucci to make an appearance in the movie Change of Plans God’s Way.

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