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Edgar Santana, aka Mr. Cavalucci. Born in Brooklyn, NY is of Puerto Rican mother and Italian father (of Sicily ), but raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Although the region Trujillo serious vera take their first steps as a singer. Starting at the Underground with performances in clubs, parties and urban music in television programs such as Hector's show 'the skinny' Figueroa Friday early 90s rap, rapper you like and throw it out the beginning of the singer in the genre of Hip-Hop , Hector-C then lend him accept help and this record on a production theme "The Cream 2" By Dj Frank, then would record the "No Fear 2" with DJ Dicky and "Dj Goldy 3". As the years passed disclosed throughout the island of Puerto Rico, on songs such as "Our Destiny" produced in the disk Poster Daddy Yankee . Many artists appreciate you taking the genre as they are ( Baby Rasta y Gringo , Dj Nelson, Eddie Dee, Mr. Notty, Vico C , Tempo etc.) but others will also vie in new productions, artists such as (Lito y Polaco , Yanuri, Mexicano 777,).

Later, start making songs with explicit high for the above mentioned artists, especially against those belonging to the producer Dj Playero. In 1997 he recorded the song "The New Prophecy" which goes into the production of Baby Rasta & Gringo. Dj Nelson and these, make an invitation to record in his next production, particularly in the song "The Flow" these two songs mentioned were hit's on the radio stations in Puerto Rico.

In 1998 Dj Frank pulls his production titled "Time to Kill" and this also involved in it. Later in such a short space of time his music career that gives established in the market and also in a palpable way street in his lyrics, this will demonstrated in its shares as "Wise da da Moda gansta" and "War Cries", then in January 2000, he released his first solo production entitled, "Cava lodge" the key of the new millennium I believe some years ago, which gives released in that year and now for 2011 is rumored out the new album titled "The Break Points Cavalucci Presents" production with vision to become one of her first film production. A curious feature is that in most of the productions he has participated with other artists, his musical adversaries have been present, as in "The Cream 2" and "Time to Kil".

Mr. Cavalucci

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