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Producer / Director / Writer

Orlando Santos


Pastor Orlando Santos has been active in filmmaking since winning a scriptwriting contest as a freshman in high school. He continued to win writing contests throughout his school career. As a senior, his school acknowledged his talent and accomplishments as a scriptwriter at a public assembly, further encouraging him to continue his efforts in that medium.

Following high school, Pastor Santos attended the New England Technical Institute in Rhode Island, focusing on TV and Radio Production. He also attended the Film Institute in New York, as well as multiple film industry seminars, receiving a diploma in Independent Film Making and as a Producer.


He has served as Cinematographer for a number of music videos, commercials and television series, including the popular PBS cooking show CIAO ITALIA and several HBO programs. He has written four scripts, two of which are faith-based: PREPARE YOURSELF FOR WHAT’S TO COME and CHANGE OF PLANS GOD’S WAY. He is currently at work on a new horror genre faith-based script, PUSH PRAYER UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS.

Pastor Santos is committed to making films that show how God’s principles can impact everyday life situations. His passion is to show nonbelievers how God has a purpose for everyone, and that following the ways of the Lord is the correct path.  Pastor Santos believes that God will open doors to take His message across the world so that people may find salvation though Jesus Christ.

CHANGE OF PLANS GOD’S WAY, the Life Changing Project Tour was established to raise awareness about the violence our young adults are facing today. He is dedicating each screening to the families of youth who have lost their lives due to violent crimes. His presentation and testimony on March 5, 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio was a resounding success, and hopefully the first of many nationwide appearances.

On August 10, 2014 CHANGE OF PLANS GOD WAY premiered as an official selection of the Rhode Island International Film Festival, selling out the venue and winning the audience choice award.


Pastor Santos would like to continue to bring this message to every city, to let our youth know that there is a better way than violence, a positive way... a CHANGE OF PLANS GOD’S WAY!



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